If you take a few laps around the online poker world in recent years, you probably already know that it is the best online poker bonus necessarily those shown with the highest number after the dollar sign. Take, for example, Everest Poker, where you can receive a welcome bonus of $ 200 with just a $ 10 deposit on your first deposit at Everest Poker Bonus code “WELCOME”.

This is an extraordinary offer, give a 2000% bonus on first deposit of a new player. One would think that the online poker room. Something kept secret, shared only with a few selected personalities or new high stakes players, however, the deposit at Everest Poker Bonus Code is not a secret. In fact, you will find that is presented clearly and directly in the Everest Poker sponsored site.

When I heard about the Everest Poker deposit bonus code and $ 200 in free poker chips, I knew there had to be some kind of hook, something in the conditions that just blows the whole album in pieces as it is not able to get your hands to get the money in a lump sum to earn enough points to be in a very limited amount of time.

I was pleasantly surprised that the Everest has the quickest release in fiscal terms. Each time a player wins a single high point (SP), immediately receive $ 0.06 bonus waiting in your real money account. The ratio of 1 bonus point for every $ 0.06 is pretty standard, but you get $ 0.06 in your account balance immediately earn money for each point is outrageous.

Once you get out of a game of chance or stop playing a fee, the points are automatically calculated and the corresponding bonus amount deposited into your cash balance.

To claim the welcome bonus online poker room, there are some basics you need to follow. You must be a member in the first online poker room to register a new player account. You must be a person at home or on a shared computer to the bonus. You do not have to live in the United States.

More importantly, you must enter your security deposit in the Everest Poker bonus code “WELCOME” in the bonus section of the Fund within 14 days of registration of your membership account, but before you make your first deposit.

To begin, you must download the poker software in the system. Once installed, you start the software. The opportunity to register a new player account Complete the form as needed. Do not give the deposit at Everest Poker bonus code in the transfer. That will come later.

Once you have logged into the online poker lobby to go to the Cashier and click on the voucher. Here you can use the deposit bonus with Everest Poker bonus code “WELCOME” is. If you’re not on the right side, it will not work, so make sure that the bonus will appear in bonds alleged when used.

Now you decide to make a deposit. Choose the method of payment and pay at least $ 10. The welcome bonus of $ 200 will immediately pending bonus account as long as you use the Everest Poker bonus code before being assigned to the bond.

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