Impact of mobile games on students

Technology has also developed in the making of this United States, this science has become a class of people. Some of the technical know-how that are beneficial are the use of digital desktops for cooking and home purposes. But cellular telephone is the technical information beyond which human beings cannot do anything.

Mobile phone is becoming a part of life, this pocket sized gadget has been used with the help of every human being who also has a kind of minicomputer.

Growing up in the radio frequency environment of young children, mobile video games have been increasingly used by adolescents for the purpose of reading and browsing the Internet. The impact of mobile games on students is being seen fast. Particularly in the hour of this crown, because of the lockdown, kids are utilizing mobiles to play the vast majority of the games. According to the information, there has been an increase in the use of smart phones among children between the last 12 to 18 months. The eyelids blink very little while working on the smartphone.

Many aspects of the use of video games in mobile phones can be seen in children, some of which we are going to tell you about.

Health effects

Neurological disorders

Radiation from cell phones has been considered extremely dangerous for many children. Due to this they have to face many problems including neurological problems. Although neurological issues include a number of serious problems, they can generally lead to impairments in the ability to walk, speak, breathe, swallow, and learn.

Physical addiction

We can call the problem of physical dependence as a mentality towards any physical object. In simple words it would not be wrong to call it addiction. Actually, teenagers who have a cellular smartphone in their hands from an early age, they get addicted to it. Because of this, he is often engaged in mobile. The alarm turns to the point that they are no longer aware of eating and drinking and even sleeping.

Decreased intellectual development

One of the side effects of cellular telephone is that it can hinder a child’s intellectual improvement. The reason is that due to mobile addiction, the child no longer gives interest on any other work. At the same time he is socially and practically unable to associate with humans. As a result, there is a limit to the authentic age-appropriate improvement a child should have.

Insomnia problem

Children play video games on mobile. see new things. Nowadays they also have cartoons and other applications available on mobile. Being more fascinated by them, he stays awake till late at night. Because of this, you may also get complaints of naps regularly during college time. Also, continuing this dependence can push the problem of insomnia upwards.

Always sticking to cell ‘behavior conduct disorder’

Due to cellular dependence, the behavior of children is being affected the most at some level during the day, youth have started behaving violently, and psychologists call it Behavioral Conduct Disorder due to uncontrolled use of mobiles. In which if the teenagers do not agree now, then they come out in a violent form.

Along with mobile, the affairs of the house also start breaking. They are playing games secretly on their mobile late at night, which not only has a bad effect on the eyes, but also causes sleep disorders, due to which they become irritable and fall prey to depression very quickly . . Cancer risk: A lookup linked to poor cell outcomes in children suggests that cell radiation can cause cancer. It may also be responsible for talent tumours.


In many cases, it has been seen that the problem of headache occurs in teenagers who use mobile for a long time.

Depression and intense anger

As far as mobile usage is concerned, there is also evidence that excessive use of mobiles in children can lead to depression and mood swings.

Non-malignant tumor

According to doctors, frequent use of the phone and taking a nap while keeping the phone near the head can also cause tumors in the genius and ear. So the use of cell telephones will cause a top level impairment in the lives of the children.


Due to this technology of mobile phones, students are engaged in chatting with friends just by playing games. This distraction from using college students will harm youth in their studies, they tend to skip all the subjects that are taught. There will be trouble in research or complete studies here.

Tips to fight bad gaming habits in kids

It makes the experience of believing that if you can keep your kid’s gaming under control, will be completely normal. However, each dependency is understood as a symptom rather than a problem. For this reason, telling your child to cut down on their gaming, punishing them for breaking policies or limiting their right to access devices, may not potentially fix them permanently.

The key to genuine exchange is this – is your child very upset or frustrated about survival when he or she isn’t gaming? In order to overcome a gaming addiction, your son or daughter will want to help you find a solution to this question, as well as examine how to deal with it in a healthy way.

Of course, this is an important step in acknowledging the penalties of gaming that are harmful to your child as well as affecting health, relationships, education and budget – although this is only the beginning. To recover from gaming sickness comes higher consciousness and emotional resilience. Your child wants to recognize how to handle and handle emotional sadness when he craves play.

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