Negative Effect of Video Games

In this digital era, weal ways have a digital device to handle our work, and the whole day, we are in them. We have movies and games to entertain us but we have video games also.

Our youth used to play video games in their free time. It becomes their way of entertainment and also for learning new skills.

But we know that excessive use of anything can be harmful and affect us in negative circumstances. Excessive playing of video games is harmful and effective for our youth and children.

Have a look at some negative impacts of video games:-

  • No physical movement

Spending time on the computer system and having a continuous connection with the screen is harmful. When you spend hours sitting in front of the screen, it is very difficult to get the fact that you may have a good lifestyle. It affects your overall health and timetable of eating meals. The gamers have no physical activity on their daily basic negativeness because of the time that they spend on video games.

The interaction between the screen and the player causes weak eyesight and mind damage.

  • Poor Sleep Hygiene

It’s a very common problem for our gamers. They use to play all the time. They even think that how important is sleep. Our gamers have to face the problem of improper sleep because they always interact with the screen and forget to sleep. They give their sleep time to the game because of their interests.

Giving so much attention to the game can affect other areas of your life like school, work, and everyday life.

Experts say that we all have an average of hours of sleep like 7 to 9 hours are important for us. If you plan games at night then you don’t sleep on time.  It affects your health as well. This sleep deprivation leads to impaired memory stress.

  • Poor Diet

When gamer are very fond of playing video games, they forget to eat, drink and keep themselves healthy. When you take a healthy diet, you always feel refreshed and healthy food gives energy to you and your mind too.

If you  Don’t eat your meal at a time then you may suffer from muscle loss and the problem of malnutrition can happen.  A long-term poor diet leads to more profound health problems.

  • Muscle Atrophy and Obesity

The less your body moves and less physical activity lead to cause weight gain, muscle loss, stiff joints, and poor body posture.

Long-term sitting on the chair and interaction with the screen can have consequences for your physical well-being, such as neck problems and back problems.

Obesity always comes when there is no movement in our bodies. While gaming, you just sit on the chair and play with your mind and the movement of your hands and legs.  Obesity Can lead to heart problems and heart-becomes disorders.

  • Dehydration

Dehydration is very common in our lives because no one can understand how important drinking water is.

With no intake of water, your body has to suffer from many difficulties, and by this, your body may not function well. You will experience headaches from dehydration. It becomes harmful side effect for your body. As a gamer, you can understand things are as important as your health.

  • Poor Concentration

Most of our youth are on digital platforms and facing problems in their study but it’s not right to only blame digital devices. When we do an activity, there are some things that we have to remember and follow like focus, timing, and concentration. But after giving all the concentration to the video game then you have no concentration left to give to the academics.

That’s why on time the study, you have to face the situation of lack of concentration. We all have to maintain a timetable by properly doing activities.

  • Lack of Motivation

When you play a game, it’s all about the win and losses but after losing a game, we are motivated and feel low.

Lack of motivation has a common problem. Gaming is a hyper-stimulating activity. Gaming needs motivation all the time but when the gamer is not motivated then they lose and it becomes a reason for lack of motivation.


Video games have their pros and cons but it’s all about how they are affected by them and how they affect us.

We have to maintain the balance between everything that we do. Playing video games is a source of entertainment and to feel relaxed but get addicted to it. It’s become wrong and affect our health and daily life.

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