Poker takes to learn a very short time to master, but a lifetime.

You can manage your poker much faster if you avoid these common mistakes. These errors are not only made by amateurs. The experienced player will be caught while these stupid things, too.

To avoid these mistakes and is making a lot more!

Poker players who win consistently in order to avoid making the following errors:

Playing first cautiously

A player can always have a conservative government for a time in a table. But inevitably, you never win big. You need to find a gift to be aggressive, how big raise before the flop with AA, or if the game slowly, as if you had 2.2, and for review shortly before the flop. If you are always cautious and willing than ever to “go for it!” You will never win consistently. So why call it the game

Second No, it is mixed

If someone says 9 out of 10 fish love to be a very conservative player. They will wait all day for a good hand and when this happens, put them in the size and aggressive play. What? Everyone folds and I do not know why he never won a big pot. Mix. Conservative game to play fast, raise before the flop, check / raise, etc. Mix it up as an unpredictable and can not get a read on you.

Third Game tickets

If you do not have to retire after the flop squatters! I did it a million times. The people who get on the turn or river, “hope” to travel to a flush or a straight. Guess what happens? NOTHING! They beat and nothing to lose big. If you can not resist Chase card, you will immediately become a better player Hold ‘Em

They play bad quarter starting hands

This goes along with # third Too many people want to play Q, 7, made in the hope of a pair of queens on the flop. Even if you did who cares? Is likely to lose anyway in the KK or AA. Commit yourself to playing only the best starting hands and get off watching your profits!

Fifth Bluff or semi-ass too

I love it when I can play and someone is trying to trick my half-ass. I know I have nothing, so I collected everything, and are committed to the pot and bring all his chips. Bluff big or go home. The same applies if a player bluffs too. Once you have a big hand, which are roasted. Strategically Bluff suit your style and you are good to go.

Sixth Playing on Tilt

After a “bad beat” it would be better served your next hand, no matter what happens sometimes. Why? Because they are not in the mood. You’re not still angry and think strategically. Know that you are on tilt and back.

Seventh Folding instead of checking

Believe it or not, people are soooo many fold their hands when they can not be verified. I do not know why, but never once where you can check. Common sense is not it?

Eighth Impatient

This is an area I need improvement. When I lose at poker is because of this error here … on! If I concentrate on playing with patience and a patient, I win like crazy. However, when the cards are not in my direction and I lose focus and start playing stupid hands. That is, if I were to get to me. Do not do that. Be patient and live to play another day.

Ninth Attempting to return to the same

If you are on a losing streak (yes, we all have them.) Stop playing. Take a break to leave the room, turn off the computer, you can do anything to stop playback. Try to play itself is the fastest way to draw “Clark Griswold” Las Vegas vacation. Do not.

Beats the 10th sees no potential

You will receive 10.10. The flop comes and hits a, Q, 10 They are happier than a pig in slop to cause great only in the TRIPS Agreement, and I bet. What we do not realize that there is a ladder out there that scream your ass canned. If not go and have your opponent “NUTS” guess what? You can not win, can not bluff, you can do nothing to lose, but. This happens frequently. Be sure to “see” and all that exists. Empty lines, straight, higher, higher pairs of hiking, etc. recognize this and you will be a much better player.

Until next time,

PD Laughlin of

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