British Bingo vs American Bingo Halls

When it comes to playing money bingo, there’s definitely a difference between how the game is played in Great Britain and how it’s played in the United States. For starters, in the US, most bingo games are 75-ball bingo, whereas in the UK, they play 90-ball bingo.  For 75-ball bingo in the US, players have cards made up of 25 squares. In the center is a free space surrounded by five rows and five columns of numbers. For 90 ball bingo, as it is played in the UK, numbers from 1- 90 are placed on a card that has three columns and nine rows. Each of the rows contains four blank spaces and five numbers.

It’s Not Just How You Play the Game, But Where

Some of the other things that stand out when journeying across the Atlantic, is the differences in bingo halls. Many bingo halls in the US are rather dingy by comparison. Long tables surrounded by uncomfortable folding chairs fill the basements of churches and other auditorium-like venues in the US where people talk in hushed tones.

It’s almost the polar opposite for those who participate in money bingo in the United Kingdom, however. Players sit in halls created just for bingo and get to sit in comfortable upholstered chairs at private tables or in booths that hold one, two or even four players around a smaller, more intimate table. The room is festive and bright, with colorful lights, music. Players are encouraged to talk and have fun, too! There’s often even a bar in the back of the room that serves bingo hall guests beer or wine while they play. They can also order meals that are not the usual concession stand fare that many in the US might be used to. Some bingo hall settings in Britain are even set up like posh nightclubs can have a very fast-paced and raucous atmosphere.

Both in the US and the UK players can win either cash prizes or items as a part of the jackpot. In both regions, games are also often held as a way to raise money for charity causes.

In 2016, there were an estimated 45 million visitors to British bingo halls that hailed from every age group. Interestingly, younger adults are getting in on the fun and excitement of playing bingo at the bingo hall or the casino and are turning their excursions into an exciting night out on the town.

The Exponential Growth of Online Bingo

Of course, no matter which country you hail from, to play online bingo is another great option for those who play money bingo.  There are always going to be times someone may feel like playing but really don’t feel like leaving the comfort of their own home in order to do it. Online bingo offers a chance for these players to make money and still be able to chat with friends via the online chat rooms. It allows those players who really love the social aspect of bingo to still be able to meet up with friends and family. Some of the sites in both the US and the UK even offer features that fill in players’ bingo cards automatically, so that they can concentrate on socializing with friends online.

Players of online bingo in both the UK and the US online casinos are also able to access games not only through their home computer, but also through any mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone as. Bingo card costs can be had for very little money with jackpots that can even rival those at their local casino or bingo hall.

So if you’re a fan of bingo in the U.S., check out a UK bingo hall if you ever get the chance to go to England. We think you’ll love the experience. And if you can’t get over there, try some online bingo!

Benefits of Playing Bingo Online

Benefits of Playing Bingo Online

Bingo is one of those games that just keep getting more and more popular and since the early days of bingo halls this game has continued to grow.  And of course with the introduction of online bingo this game is now available to so many more players.  There are many advantages of playing bingo online, the main one being that it is convenient.

Play Anywhere at Anytime

Now bingo can be played anywhere, no matter where in the world a player may be.  All a player needs is a device to play on and a stable internet connection.  With mobile data players should never have the problem of not being able to access a bingo game.  There are literally hundreds of online casinos offering bingo so there is no shortage of casinos to choose from.

Many land-based bingo players have seen the advantages of switching to online bingo.  Life is so busy these days and people have busy schedules, so being able to access a quick game of online bingo is great.  Online bingo can be played 24/7, which allows players to enjoy some down time and play some bingo!

More Games

Playing bingo online also offers players variety in that there are many more types of bingo available online.  Each game has a different set of rules, but still keeping with the basics of traditional bingo.  Online variants include popular bingo games such as 30, 75, 80 and 90 ball bingo.  Online casinos will also offer players a variety of bingo games that can be played for free.  Here players get to try out all the different bingo options without having to make a deposit.  This helps players become familiar with the various bingo games without the risk of losing any real money.

Online Bingo is Cheaper

It is much more affordable to play bingo online as an online NZD casino does not have the extensive overheads to consider that land-based casinos or bingo halls do.  Players also have many betting options that are not always available at land-based casinos.  Players can decide which type of bingo game they want to play, lower bets means lower jackpot and higher bets will mean larger jackpots.  This at least gives players the option to decide how much they would like to play for.

Interact with Others

Bingo is a social game and players may find this lacking when playing online bingo.  Online casinos have become more than just a place to play bingo, but social networks have been established and players can now interact with other bingo players.  The majority of online casinos also have chat rooms where players can talk about bingo and get together and socialise.  These chat rooms are carefully monitored and also act as help line if players have any questions.

Online Bonuses

Bonuses form a big part of playing bingo online and these are offered in the form of welcome bonuses for first time players or VIP or loyalty rewards for current players.  These bonuses are a great way to increase a player’s cash flow, which means being able to play bingo for longer and a better chance of winning.

Because of the way technology has developed over the years bingo players can now enjoy a game of bingo whenever it suits them.  Players also have the option of interacting and socialising with other players via chat rooms, which mean the social aspect of traditional bingo, is not lost.

How To Win in Bingo

How To Win in Bingo

Many a Bingo strategy has been debunked by mathematicians as being mere foolery and hogwash.  Joseph Granville was the author and inventor of one of the more popular ones – Granville’s system.

Granville’s system is formulated around the assumption and argument that a Bingo card must be made to be both symmetric as well as systematic.  It goes on to propose that a symmetric card will consist of an equal ratio of odd and even numbers (or balls) as well as a balance of high and low numbers.  The reasoning behind this is that, based on the principles of probability, an equal amount of high and low numbers will appear (or fall) in the long run.

The problem with Granville’s system is the following: exactly how long is the long run?

Granville’s system isn’t the only one in existence.  It does however, have something in common with all other predictive Bingo systems: for as long as a lifetime is allotted only a certain number of years, they won’t work.

The light at the end of the tunnel is this:  As horrible as the old saying may be – there really are  many ways to kill a cat.

Buy The Maximum Amount Of Cards

As far as a logical approach goes, this one is as sound as they come.  The more cards you buy (within the scope of being able to keep tabs on all of them, of course) the more chances you will have at winning.    The online “auto-daub” function has made it possible to play more simultaneous cards than ever before, with the computer automatically ticking off the relevant number on all of your cards at once.

Special Prizes And Competitions

Another useful trick is to keep an eye out for special prizes and competitions on offer by various Bingo sites and casinos.  At a CAD casino you may find Bingo-specific bonuses that are designed to entice players, and at a Bingo site you may find signup bonuses, regular player rewards and many other rewards and promotions. Online Bingo chat rooms are the way to go if you want to stay completely abreast of all of the special action and where it’s happening at any given time.  Bonus prizes are a sure-fire way to fatten up the old purse. 

Making The Most Of Discount Packages

Online sites will often offer the option of “buying in bulk”.  This means that the more cards you buy, the cheaper they become – eventually translating into a better margin as far as input vs. output is concerned.

Find Games With Fewer Competitors

The principle is simple: the fewer players competing in any one game, the better the chance of winning.  This is as a result of the fact that the odds depend directly on the number of cards being played in a particular game.  This is easily achieved by following the trends in online game rooms.  Some time slots may be more prone to a higher volume of players competing than others.

On Chasing Jackpots

Refrain from exclusively playing those games offering large Jackpots.  Winning more often in the lower-paying games will enable you to gun for the big ones more often.  This makes more sense than blowing your entire budget at once on the off-chance of hitting the big one.

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