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When it comes to playing money bingo, there’s definitely a difference between how the game is played in Great Britain and how it’s played in the United States. For starters, in the US, most bingo games are 75-ball bingo, whereas in the UK, they play 90-ball bingo.  For 75-ball bingo in the US, players have cards made up of 25 squares. In the center is a free space surrounded by five rows and five columns of numbers. For 90 ball bingo, as it is played in the UK, numbers from 1- 90 are placed on a card that has three columns and nine rows. Each of the rows contains four blank spaces and five numbers.

It’s Not Just How You Play the Game, But Where

Some of the other things that stand out when journeying across the Atlantic, is the differences in bingo halls. Many bingo halls in the US are rather dingy by comparison. Long tables surrounded by uncomfortable folding chairs fill the basements of churches and other auditorium-like venues in the US where people talk in hushed tones.

It’s almost the polar opposite for those who participate in money bingo in the United Kingdom, however. Players sit in halls created just for bingo and get to sit in comfortable upholstered chairs at private tables or in booths that hold one, two or even four players around a smaller, more intimate table. The room is festive and bright, with colorful lights, music. Players are encouraged to talk and have fun, too! There’s often even a bar in the back of the room that serves bingo hall guests beer or wine while they play. They can also order meals that are not the usual concession stand fare that many in the US might be used to. Some bingo hall settings in Britain are even set up like posh nightclubs can have a very fast-paced and raucous atmosphere.

Both in the US and the UK players can win either cash prizes or items as a part of the jackpot. In both regions, games are also often held as a way to raise money for charity causes.

In 2016, there were an estimated 45 million visitors to British bingo halls that hailed from every age group. Interestingly, younger adults are getting in on the fun and excitement of playing bingo at the bingo hall or the casino and are turning their excursions into an exciting night out on the town.

The Exponential Growth of Online Bingo

Of course, no matter which country you hail from, to play online bingo is another great option for those who play money bingo.  There are always going to be times someone may feel like playing but really don’t feel like leaving the comfort of their own home in order to do it. Online bingo offers a chance for these players to make money and still be able to chat with friends via the online chat rooms. It allows those players who really love the social aspect of bingo to still be able to meet up with friends and family. Some of the sites in both the US and the UK even offer features that fill in players’ bingo cards automatically, so that they can concentrate on socializing with friends online.

Players of online bingo in both the UK and the US online casinos are also able to access games not only through their home computer, but also through any mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone as. Bingo card costs can be had for very little money with jackpots that can even rival those at their local casino or bingo hall.

So if you’re a fan of bingo in the U.S., check out a UK bingo hall if you ever get the chance to go to England. We think you’ll love the experience. And if you can’t get over there, try some online bingo!

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