Common Types of Casino Bonuses

Modern online casinos are competing in an ever-growing world with more and more sites being started every month. It’s difficult to attract new players, and it’s equally as difficult for newcomers to find a site that they want to stay with on a more permanent basis. One of the most efficient methods that casinos have come up with to entice new players is by offering a range of interesting and rewarding bonuses meant to not only provide the punter rewards, but to keep them coming back for the long-term.

To this end, the campaign has been a resounding success, and it’s easy to log on and be met with hundreds of different bonuses. The problem for players then is finding the right one, but learning about the various types and what they offer is the first step!

Welcome Bonuses

Welcome bonuses are extremely common, and are offered by most online casinos. Here, players may receive either free spins or a deposit match bonus, or a mixture of the two. They will only be liable to receive the bonus when they have created an account with the casino, and often the casino will require that the player first make a minimum deposit into their newly created account, after which they will receive their free spins or an amount to match their initial deposit.

Most welcome bonuses are 100% match bonuses, meaning that players potentially stand the chance to make back double the amount that they invested. The amount returned can vary, with some casinos offering a 50% match, while others may provide up to 500%.

No Deposit Bonuses

The holy grail of the casino world, and fairly rare to come across these days, no deposit bonuses are rewards that players can receive without having to first deposit any money into an account. While account creation is almost always a necessity, the player will not have to make any sort of investment, and gives them the chance to try out some of the casino’s games, such as pokies online, for free before making any decisions, within a reasonable limit. The casino may sometimes request that the player make a small deposit into the account, but they will be given the option to withdraw the money out immediately afterwards.

Monthly Bonuses

Some casinos may provide their players with a monthly and reload bonus. These are often associated with VIP loyalty programs, and are only awarded to players that spend a certain amount of time at the casino every month. 

Refer a Friend

This bonus is applied when a player is able to prove that they referred the site to one of their friends.

Loyalty Bonuses

These tend to be the highest-rewarded bonuses, and tend to be reserved for those players that spend a certain amount every month at the casino- whether down to budgeting or superstitions. Some casinos offer incredible rewards, such as free holidays, tickets to sporting events, and electronics to keep their loyal customers playing.

Crazy Casino Facts You Didn’t Know

Crazy Casino Facts You Didn’t Know

The world of casinos and the history of gambling has been a massive source of weird and wonderful myths, tales and legends. Some of which may have been proven too good to be true and others that are actual facts.

Players may be amused by many of these crazy casino facts that emerged over the years, many of which have come from places where casinos and playing casino games are frowned upon.

The True Slots Machines Beginnings

When it comes to crazy casino facts, it may surprise you to know that the very first slots machine did not feature in a casino.

The Liberty Bell was invented in 1895 by Charles Fey who was a mechanic. He created the slots machine and had it in his garage for his customers to play while waiting for their vehicles. It was only after word spread of its popularity that casinos began buying them.

Fruit machines were also used outside convenience stores and only dispensed fruit flavoured chewing gum and at a time they also dispensed tokens for drinks and cigars when played in local pubs.

Monte Carlo Casino Bans Locals

Residents in Monaco are prohibited from playing at Monte Casino. This is strange when it comes to crazy casino facts because Monaco is in fact a paradise for casino players.

Princess Caroline made it illegal in the mid-1980s and Monacans are forced to get their fix elsewhere. The bonus of this law means residents are exempt from paying income tax as the money generated from the casino is used instead. They can also play online at an NZD casino, or any other online establishment, so their options are not entirely limited.

Card Counting and the Truth About it

Many major blackjack players around the world may know that card counting is in fact not illegal but for those who didn’t know, it is still not accepted.

Understandably, any casino will frown upon card counting as it is a form of cheating and results in a loss for them. Casinos have adopted methods to thwart card counters such as shuffling cards more often and changing rules slightly.


How the Sandwich Came About

When it comes to crazy casino facts, the invention of the sandwich is one that may not have been expected. The fourth Earl of Sandwich, John Montagu was an avid casino table game player. In 1765 he asked his servants to bring him meat between bread slices for convenient eating while playing.

The truth is this is not how the sandwich itself first came about but it is how the name of it did.

State Prison Casinos in Nevada

It is a common misconception that Las Vegas in Nevada is the casino capital of the world. The City of Macau has recently stolen its crown. Macau is the largest casino based city in the world with much higher revenues than Las Vegas.

The casino industry in Nevada is however so big that crazy casino facts include the reality that the state prison had its own casino. It was open to inmates for 35 years and shut down in 1967 by a new warden because his stance on the matter as that it was a degradation to the inmates.