Welcome bonuses are special incentives offered to new players by online casinos. The purpose of these welcome bonuses is to help players try games sometimes without having to make deposits. Legitimate online casinos can offer anything in their welcome bonuses for slot machines. From no deposit casino bonus to cashback offers, they always have something that appeals to players.

However, you must note that not all casinos offer welcome bonuses. Some high-end online casinos may withdraw from them.

How Welcome Bonuses Work

As mentioned earlier, welcome bonuses are offered to new players. So, if you create a new account in an online casino, you are awarded a bonus. However, there are several other things you must pay attention to:

The Bonus percentage

If a casino offers a bonus percentage of 100, you will get an additional 100% of your deposited amount. So, if you deposit ₤10 in your account, an additional ₤10 will be added to your account. And if the bonus is 50%, then your balance will be ₤10 + 50% of ₤10 or ₤15.

The Wagering limit

Every type of bonus in online casinos has a wagering limit. The wagering limit is the amount the casino sets that a player must deposit before claiming the bonus. It’s clearly stated in their terms and conditions on the casino’s webpage. The wagering limit is just a method they use to keep you playing more. Casinos obviously do not want you to claim the bonus and walk away without playing their games.

The amount

Welcome bonuses in slot machines can be broadly distinguished into two categories: no-deposit bonuses and deposit bonuses. The no-deposit bonus allows you to play slot games without depositing funds into your account. A casino doesn’t give you a bonus percentage if you use a no-deposit bonus. Instead, it gives you a bonus amount and directly deposits it into your account after signing up successfully.

Free spins

Many casinos offer a welcome bonus accompanied by free spins in slot machines. They do this to attract players. You can use the free spins to try out new games without making any deposits. That’s why they are called free.

The Limit

Some online casinos offer welcome bonuses with limits attached. For instance, a casino may promise a 100% bonus with a limit of ₤300. So, if you deposit more than ₤300 in your account, the casino will not add the additional 100% bonus to your account because the bonus is maxed out of ₤300. For example, let’s say you deposit ₤400. Your account balance will be ₤400 + ₤300 = ₤700.

In conclusion, The most important things you need to understand when it comes to welcome bonuses are the wagering limit, the bonus limit, the bonus amount and the bonus percentage. All legitimate casinos offer welcome bonuses. If a casino doesn’t offer these incentives, walk away fast. Always be cautious about the slot sites you choose because some turn out to be a fraud.

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