A. The online poker sites are not regulated or licensed in the United States.

Without any control, poker players can not be sure if the cheating sites. Some argue that there is cheating in the best interest of a poker site, because much money will come anyway. Unfortunately, greed loot. And unregulated companies have proven time and again, where there’s a will (to deceive people to make more money), there is a way.

Second The RNG online poker sites (Random Number Generator) is not so random.

GNA are complex software. However, the software has been modified to subtle changes, the game to create effects and results. They are more bad times online? It is for larger hands, like quads and straight flush on the line? There seems to be too many heads-up situations in which a premium hand loses to create more excitement to the other function? Yes, yes and yes.

Third online poker sites to support their claims of integrity “Independent” Audits – Are they really objective?

Site audits may be independent, but must be partial. Why? Companies that pay a poker site to this place to meet. In recent history, he joined one of the ten accounting firm its “independent” audits. And big U.S. companies into bankruptcy because of false accounting, Enron, for example.

Fourth Cheating scandals have been major online poker sites online has never taken.

There were a few large public cases where poker players were cheated by foreigners. That the online poker site catch this cheating? No, the only reason that the case became public, because poker players have their own analysis of what happened, and informed.

Fifth Other online fraud happening, but no one called.

It is played, there is so much money every minute is too juicy for unscrupulous people to take advantage of other players. For example, you think that collusion has occurred in an online poker site? What other forms of fraud, such as playing in the same event under different user names? Or a top player playing under the name of a friend to increase your bankroll? It happens. In general, it is transparent.

Sixth What is the frequency of the stories of the new players to get a player or Edge After losing money from a website?

Business would be logical to help new players have an advantage. When a new player wins, he / she is more likely to continue to play – even if he / she loses every few weeks. There are also complaints about the way a player who withdraws money after a poker site, seems to forget how to play and lost.

Sponsorship Seventh Poker Player results in an unequal position.

They sponsored players risk their own money? Reports are that sponsored players and 100% rakeback will be paid per hour in an online poker site. Is it fair that you are risking your own money, while a sponsored player not at risk?

Eighth When the new legislation will take effect the UIGEA effective? Your check your site Poker

Now you have about what happens if you do not earn money to take care of an online portal. Suppose you play a legitimate site and win, pay site. Not be able to transfer money to your bank account. It used a different method, which is more about sending a check. Your bank money to verify that the new law goes into effect?

Ninth The online poker sites have caused a brain drain of young people and students?

Joe Cada admitting playing poker online before age 21 and even cancel school to play poker. He worked for Joe, but what about the majority of young people and students who do not win poker? Seduction million poker is to play hard to win for all. No doubt the strongest among young people and students, given the millions won in poker by 20-year-old. The online poker sites should not allow underage players.

10th You play poker online naked, and not a beautiful woman.

You know who you are … then stops! I know this list is my chance to be sponsored by an online poker site to be removed. And I know that if I say something negative about poker online, write some readers I’m an idiot or worse.

Whether you. To play poker online or not do, one thing is that I firmly believe is, that all adults in the United States have the freedom to play poker online and win or lose money as much as he / she wants. Politicians who are laid off are trying to stop this freedom, how many were in the last election.

After all, there are 40 million Americans who play poker. And although most of them are not online, playing with the idea that Congress will not let you play poker, even if he wanted to play, is simply un-American.

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