The 3DO company created a next-gen console that was licensed to various manufacturers such as Panasonic, Sanyo and Goldstar. Its hardware technology allowed it to play 3DO interactive software games as well as Audio CD’s, CD+G and even Video CD’s with an add on.

It was one of the first 32-bit systems and featured advanced hardware features for its time. This article will cover some of the most popular 3DO multiplayer games.


If you are into shooting games then Drak-Sai is the perfect game for you. It is a top down shooter that has amazing graphics for its time. The plot is simple; aliens want to destroy humanity, but you must save them. The game has different planets to explore and some amusing creatures. The game is pretty fun, and it will keep you hooked as you progress.

The game is a bit tough, but the graphics are good and the storyline is very interesting. This is one of the best 3DO games that you can play. You can also play it on a PC. The gameplay is pretty easy, and you can control your spaceship by moving the joystick and clicking the buttons. You must shoot the bad guys to save yourself.

The 3DO was a powerful 32-bit console that could run movie-quality FMV sequences. Developers exploited this feature by injecting their games with lots of FMVs. It was a unique platform that allowed for a whole different gaming experience. While the system never became a big hit, it did manage to harvest some gems. Lucienne’s Quest is a great example of what the 3DO can do. It is the best original home console port of Samurai Showdown and has arcade quality graphics with CD quality music. It is a must-have for 3DO owners.

Psychic Detective

The premise behind this interactive movie game is an intriguing one: the player plays psychic Eric Fox, who investigates a murder after a woman hires him. Throughout the story, players must use Eric’s abilities to explore locations, examine items that may be clues, read minds, and even possess other characters in order to solve the case.

While the game does a great job of making use of the 3DO’s advanced hardware, it is not as good as some other FMV-centric games of the period. This is mainly due to the fact that consequence rarely seems to logically follow from choices made by the player, and repeating dialogue can get a bit tiring. In addition, the player’s character isn’t all that charismatic, and there are a few scenes that are a little too gory for their own good.

The 3DO is a 32-bit console developed by the 3DO Company, founded by Trip Hawkins (founder of Electronic Arts). The console was released in 1993 and featured an ARM60 32-bit RISC CPU with a custom graphics processor and math coprocessor. It was also the first console to feature a light synthesizer, which converted CD music into a mesmerizing color pattern. The console also had an impressive library of titles, but its high price tag and upcoming competitors led to its short lifespan.

Out of this World

A cool action game where you play as a witty gecko that runs around in different worlds, each themed after a different genre (like Kung Fu or Graveyard). The gameplay is fluid and innovative, with Gex sticking to walls and spitting fire. A fun, unique console experience that should be a must-have for any 3DO owner.

A really fun 3D platformer, with a cool style that looks like a cross between Harvest Moon and Sim City. The sprite graphics are simple but effective, with fun, colorful characters and a great soundtrack. A solid console game, though it’s not quite as good as the SNES version everyone claims by.

One of the first games to use the 3DO’s FMV capabilities. The FMV sequences feature real actors and add a cinematic element to the gameplay without breaking up the action or confusing the story with unnecessary cutscenes. A great way to showcase the 3DO’s potential for movie-like action.

The 3DO is an interesting piece of gaming history. While it never really took off, it was a powerful console in its time, easily out-processing the SNES and Genesis during their height of popularity, and offering true 3D graphics on a native basis while the other two had to rely on external enhancement chips. The hardware also had an internal hard drive for storage and expansion ports for memory cards, modems, and digital video cartridges.

The Curse

The 3DO Interactive Multiplayer was a groundbreaking piece of hardware, and one that spawned some amazing games. Its advanced multimedia capabilities, which included FMV sequences and a CD player were taken advantage of by developers who infused their games with cinematic flair. Some even released full-blown interactive movies on the system.

Psychic Detective is a great example of an adventure game that uses the 3DO’s powerful graphics to deliver a tense and engrossing storyline. Players will control psychic Eric Fox as he investigates a series of mysterious murders and uses his abilities to read minds, see ghost flashbacks, and more.

Return Fire is another one of the games that took advantage of the 3DO’s powerful graphics and gameplay. Players can take to the roads in a tank, helicopter, jeep, or HRSV Multiple Launch Rocket System as they battle a horde of demons called Hordlings in an epic vehicular combat game that was probably one of the most addictive 3DO games ever made.

Wing Commander III is another good example of a 3DO game that makes full use of the system’s graphical capabilities and cinematic flair. It features intense space-fighter combat scenes and even includes a cutscene that uses real actors (Mark Hamil, to be exact) instead of the usual FMV junk. The game also features a unique gameplay style that involves commanding a team of cyborg mercenaries through cyberpunk isometric environments.

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