All sports betting software providers essentially sell the same product: similar features, a similar design, and a nearly identical collection of bets and competitions. So, why do certain suppliers’ decisions result in acceptance while others result in rejection? It’s simple: the first relies on the players’ good user experience, while the second wants to profit from them.

According to the customers, the following features of the betting software are mandatory:

  • a large number of sports leagues, casino games, and rates;
  • the ability to bet before, during, and after matches;
  • quick payment and service activation methods;
  • Support in multiple languages, as well as encryption and anonymity;
  • 24/7 Customer Service.
  1. Reputation

People who bet on sports are highly concerned about a bookmaker’s safety and reliability. As a result, before selecting a software provider, one must first research its credibility. It would be best to considered the following:

Software developers are mostly registered offshore (with the owners and beneficiaries hidden). Since registering a supplier offshore is not very lucrative for a client. You can select a registered business in the United States, the United Kingdom, the European Union, Australia, Singapore, Japan, or South Korea, all other factors being equivalent.

Customers of sports betting software providers can receive broker licenses in countries where gaming legitimacy is strictly controlled. It will be apparent that the software solution is safe and stable as a result of this.

  • Scandals

It is preferable to select another alternative if the software vendor is often mentioned in the news due to issues with its product. Yes, this is likely the work of rivals, but it’s best not to take the chance.

  • Endorsement

Look for feedback and suggestions from well-known brands who keep an eye on their image. This may include official announcements, interviews with company executives, and social media messages. When checking the company’s credibility, keep in mind that having a good reputation is more critical than having a bad one. To put it another way, if you have a choice between a supplier with no credibility and a supplier with an uncertain reputation (many positive and negative reviews), go with the first.

  1. Adaptability

As overseas betting site owner, you must choose a solution whose efficiency will improve as your site’s popularity grows. It also shouldn’t be a paid feature but rather something that comes standard with the app.

Simultaneously, the software can improve its efficiency quickly: within one to two hours. When the national football league teams were announced on Sunday, every bookmaker office knew nothing was worse than a software crash. This is a significant financial and reputational loss.

  1. Unique Design

The ability to adjust the user interface design is needed in overseas betting site. This environment can influence the ability to switch between various models, themes, and color combinations and the ability to create a truly unique web design. This is commonly done in one of two ways:

  • The software comes with tools that allow for the most extensive design customization. Working with software providers should be so easy that the company doesn’t need to hire a web design firm or a team.
  • The software vendor creates the customer’s design. Both options are fine, but only if the production of custom design is included in the price of the program and not an add-on service.
  1. Artificial intelligence

The invention of deep neural networks has ushered in a real revolution in artificial intelligence programming over the last few years. Use the assistance to develop apps for:

  • Risk management. Tracking bet patterns, spotting unusual player behavior, preventing and defending against DDoS attacks, preventing fraud, and monitoring cheaters, among other things.
  • Marketing management. AB testing, marketing data collection, player behavior analysis, promotional offer development, and response prediction
  • Technical support. User feedback, fault detection, and identification of root causes.
  1. Easy interface

It’s challenging to keep track of all the games, prices, and spreads, as well as hundreds of other minor data. However, this is critical for any bookmaker because the company risks going bankrupt or losing a competitive edge by missing a key trend without it. As a result, bookmakers value the software’s flexibility and accuracy and its ease of use.

  1. Privacy and Security

Since an online casino website can handle large sums of money and sensitive user information, overseas betting site should have several layers of security against unauthorized access and data theft. This includes the security of data stored on the project’s servers and the encryption of traffic sent from the operator to the users and back.

Cryptography (with private and public keys) and blockchain can be used to accomplish this. The distribution register and smart contracts are currently the most reliable mechanisms for exchanging value online while maintaining party privacy. It is not necessary to build a blockchain from the ground up; existing platforms that have been sharpened by overseas betting site can be used instead.


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