One of the long awaited prize winners of Mega Millions has finally approached the lottery officials to claim their prize. According to the officials, the player took more than 5 months to reach out and claim her prize money.

However, it is a good thing that the player had made contact and has claimed her prize money before it reached its expiry.

Although the player has claimed the prize money in the October, it was the May draw where the player had won the prize money.

Draw Details

The player who came up to claim the prize money is Grace Scott. She is a 61-year-old resident of Sunrise.

Grace had participated in the May 17 draw for Mega Millions. The winning numbers for the draw were 65-41-24-21-7. The megaball for the draw was 24 and the megaplier was 4X.

The annuity jackpot prize money for the May 17 draw was $112 million while the cash jackpot prize was set at $64.9 million.

The jackpot prize saw no player winning it but Grace was able to win the second-largest prize money from the draw.

She reportedly matched 5 primary numbers and won $1,000,000 but the megaplier kicked in, and pushed the prize to $4,000,000.

Grace’s Wining Story

Grace Scott told the officials she had been playing Mega Millions for as long as she could remember. However, she never won a single prize money so she never expected she would win any this time.

She recently got retired and decided to visit her son in Australia and then her daughter in France. So the idea of checking her ticket completely skipped her mind.

Even though the idea did come, she did not feel bothered enough to check and see what the outcome was. She had decided to stop playing the Mega Millions lottery after she purchased her last ticket in May.

She revealed that she checked her ticket when she came back home after visiting her children.

To her utmost surprise, she had won a $4 million prize from her last Quick Pick ticket. Grace told the officials she had purchased her ticket from 7-Eleven located at 8100 Glades Road, Boca Raton.

The player told the officials she is going to go on a vacation with the recently won money and may play online lottery from wherever she is at.

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