Bridal showers are a traditional event celebrating an upcoming wedding. They take the form of a part of the bride-to-be and her friends, and usually hosted by the maid of honor. This tradition seems she comes from Belgium and was in the United States in the 19th Century introduced. Since then, the tradition has spread to many other countries, in many cases, merging with other traditional pre-wedding ceremonies.

   In addition to being taken for a chance for the bride to a few friends, a variety of different activities usually take place during a bachelor party. These generally include food and drink, the delivery of the party, and a variety of different games, tailor-made for a bride or wedding theme. One particular game that is very popular is the bridal shower bingo.

   Bridal Shower Bingo is played like regular bingo, except instead of standard bingo cards printed with numbers, specially adapted bingo cards are used instead. The difference between these and regular bingo cards wedding cards contain words or phrases instead of numbers, each of the words or phrases have a girlfriend or a wedding theme.

   One thing you wondering where to find these bridal shower bingo cards. You can also buy, but it’s so simple, and often cheaper to print them yourself with a computer. A number of sites available to offer free printable bridal shower bingo, which can be downloaded, or if you’re a little more ambitious, you can use a Bingo Card Creator to create your own bingo cards.

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