Disadvantages of outdoor games

Nowadays children like to play indoor games more than outdoor. Most of the present day children are engaged in television, smart phones and other gadgets throughout the day. But in this way, watching cartoons on TV all day and using mobile phones for hours can be harmful for their health. In contrast, if the child plays outdoor games, it improves the mental and physical health of the child. But there are also disadvantages of having many advantages for children to play outdoor games. Excess of anything is bad. Likewise, playing too much outdoor games is also not good for health. If the parents of the child do not pay attention, then the child may fall into the wrong company. Playing outdoor games is also a disadvantage.

Disadvantages of outdoor games –

  1. Children who like outdoor activities give less time to study. Because some children do not know the time while playing outside, due to which their studies are affected. Therefore, it is important for parents to keep in mind that in addition to sports, children should also pay adequate attention to studies.
  2. Many times children keep on playing for a long time, due to which they have a lot of physical strain. Due to which he becomes physically tired. And they are not able to participate in any other activities. Many times young boys and girls get so excited that they put a lot of physical stress on their body. This damages their physical and mental fitness.
  3. Some children remain physically ill, such as heart hole or breathing problems, etc. Due to illness, playing outdoor games can also cause harm.
  4. Most children go out to play without the care of a grown-up, which may put them at risk of injury or, if the playground lacks a safety structure, children may be hurt, bruised or There is a risk of being cut. Any other type of problem may arise which may make you anxious. Abuses of outdoor sports can be checked under proper guidance. Games played with careful monitoring and moderation will be good for both the body and mind of the players.
  5. Given the present-day Corona era, the playground is at risk of being affected by dust and bacteria, as it is in contact with the outside world and is used by anyone who wants to use it at any time of the day. . With this, allowing children to play in open playgrounds exposes them to allergies, injuries caused by bacterial infections, and even to not having equipment properly maintained when rusting.

The conclusion

In the past, these outdoor sports were very neglected. Parents did not encourage them. They wrongly thought that these games would remove the minds of young learners from their studies. He also feared that young boys might fall into bad company and get worse. However, the attitude of Indians has changed. Towards outdoor sports. He has fully realized that boys lose their health without outdoor games. Therefore, these games and sports have now been made an essential part of school and college education.

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