games to play with cousins

These days the whole world is battling the corona virus. In this corona period, whether children, whether elderly and youth, everyone is compelled to stay at home. However, in such times everyone is spending their time in some way or the other, but the most troubled are the children. Exams are over, schools are closed, cannot go out to play and it is not right to watch TV and mobile all the time. Now what do children do in such a situation? This is a great time to engage children in traditional sports and connect with cousins. Fun games to play with cousins ​​that can be easily played at home. Not only the lockdown, but even after that children can play them.

Names of games played with cousins

Here are the names of the games, for which there is no need for much frills. It is just needed, some companions or cousins, this will not only deepen the relationship between the children, but they will also play this game with pleasure.


Two or four people play this game together. It is played on a carrom board. The size of the board can be small or large. It can be played by people of any age. Children also enjoy this game a lot. It has 9-9 pieces of two colors, which are black-yellow or black-white. There is also a red colored piece in it, which is called Ran i.e. Queen. A striker is used to play this game.

Musical chair

The game of running for music and chair is a lot of fun. Music is mainly used during this game. One chair is kept less than the number of participants in it. As the music stops. Everyone has to sit in a chair, the one who does not get the chair is out of the game.


There is no better game than Ludo in free time. Nowadays it is also being played online. You can play it on mobile with your friend while sitting in your home. There are many apps available for this. It can be played by two, three or four people. This requires a Ludo board. Each player has four pieces. Each player has to move all his pieces to the middle of the board. If you don’t have Ludo board, then you can play it on Tab or Mobile.


Tambola is an exciting and entertaining game. It can be played by children, old and young. It is a numbers game that can be played by many people at once. Every sheet used for this has 15-15 numbers between 1 and 90. At the same time, there are coupons from 1 to 90 numbers in a pouch. The person who gets the most marks on the sheet gets a prize. Also, the biggest reward is given for deducting full numbers of the sheet. The rules and methods of playing this game are also given in the Tambola kit.

Tippy Tippy top

Colors play an important role in this game; it can be played by four to five children together. It also takes good physical activity, as the game involves touching of colours. When a color is not near, the child has to find and touch that color. The fun of this game is to say a color that is not around.


Every sport definitely benefits children in some way or the other. Similarly, this game inculcates patience in children, which is necessary for every child. It is quite easy to play. For this, they have to go in front of the children and call them a statue. The position in which the children are, becomes the statue in that position. The one who doesn’t make it gets out. To normalize from the statue, move has to be said.


It takes a lot of brains to play this game. There can be no better game for the mental development of children than this and not everyone is an expert in this game. A chess board and 36 pieces are required to play this game. Half of these pieces are white and the other half are black. Both players get 9-9 soldiers, 2-2 elephants, horses and camels and 1-1 vizier and king. Only two people can play it at a time. In this game, the player who checks and defeats the king of the opposite player is the winner. Sometimes the game is even a draw.


Antakshari is one of the many entertaining games. There is more fun and music in it than victory or defeat. In this game a letter is spoken, which the player in front has to sing a song starting with that letter. He who cannot sing, loses. The team that stays in the game till the end will win.

Dumb shard

It is also an art to explain things to others with just your gestures and this art can be developed by playing a game like Dumb Shard. Be it kids or adults, this game is loved by everyone. Four people have not gathered that they feel like playing it. In this, a movie or song is identified with the help of gestures. At the same time, talking about children, they can play this game with their favorite cartoon. The team that gives the most correct answers in this game, that team will win.


To play it requires a kit, which consists of some business coins and a board. During the game one trader may have to give his coins to another, who has more coins at the end of the game. He wins the game. Whoever has the most money in the end wins the game.

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