Have many friends, some chips and cards, but nothing to play. Sure, you could buy a table filled with a playroom, but it is expensive. Why not a folding poker table?

Folding poker tables around $ 100 – $ 200 and usually come with fries and cup holders from different manufacturers, and may in any business of poker, several playrooms, Amazon and eBay were purchased.

What they are looking for will depend on your needs. If your group of guys tend to drink a lot of beer, a cup holder as a necessity in the table. If you have not filled one of these beautiful boxes with aluminum poker chips, you can invest in a folding poker table with poker chips. What is the weight of your players? The guys love the pizza and beer does not happen very well in one of these chairs with a limit of 200 pounds.

What to look for in a poker table? I am a stickler for quality. I spend more time now and I know my table has lasted 10 years or more, as for the first time someone has replied to a royal flush and someone angry and told my poor poker table in two a bad blow to the bent. Different game store and find the box that applies to you – can be a blue felt kind of like people, and they are all green felt tables. Nobody is good or bad is a matter of personal taste.

In summary, the folding poker table is good that you are doing conversation between friends now and for several years before all of its children has seen a university graduate. A good table will help many memories with friends and spend a lot of time, and the ability to take your money.

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