The word hockey is derived from the French word Hocket, which means a cowboy’s curved stick and whose shape is almost similar to hockey. There is a difference of opinion about where the game of hockey started. According to some scholars, the game of hockey was first played in Persia and after some time it changed to Greece (present-day Greece). At the same time, some people believe that hockey was played in Ireland about seven hundred years ago under the name Harling.

If we talk about modern hockey, then England is considered to be the father of hockey. In the year 1871, the first hockey club was established in England, this club was named Readington Club. The first hockey match was played with the Richmond club on 24 October 1874. After this, the first international match of hockey was played on 26 February 1895 between Wales and Ireland in Rhyle, in which Ireland won.

Hockey rules were made for the first time in the year 1886, after which the first hockey club for women was established in England in the year 1887, which was named East Molsea Club. Hockey was included in the Olympics for the first time in the year 1908, in which 6 teams participated, in which England got the gold medal. Although hockey was not included in the Olympic Games held in 1924, the International Hockey Federation was established in 1884.

Hockey competitions in India started from 1895 and India started participating in Olympic hockey from 1928 and since then hockey has been a part of the Olympics continuously. The Indian hockey team won 6 consecutive gold medals from 1928 to 1956, after which the team has won 2 more gold medals.

Hockey is the national game of India. Like cricket, the game of hockey in India was also brought by the British. But today hockey has become the national sport of India. Let us now give you some interesting information related to this game and its rules.

Hockey game and its rules

  1. The game of hockey is played between two teams in which both men and women can participate. There are 11-11 players in each team. And out of those 11 players, 1 is the captain.
  2. This game is of total 70 minutes duration in which 2 rounds of 35-35 minutes are played.
  3. There is 5 minutes rest time between both the rounds.
  4. This game is played with hockey stick which is of white color, hitting the ball with this hockey stick; goal is to be scored in the goal post of the opposing team.
  5. Each team also has a goalkeeper who tries to stop the goal by standing on the goal post.

Let us now give you the information related to the goal –

  1. Goal – When a player hits the ball with the help of hockey and makes it reach the net between the goal posts, then it is considered a goal. The goal score is also given to the team scoring the goal.
  2. Free Hit – A free hit is taken from the area where a foul is committed, but the offensive player cannot hit the ball after the free hit has been made, unless another player hits the ball. Do it At the same time, let us also tell you that only a player of the opposing side hits the ball from the player from whose side the ball went out of the side line.
  3. Long Corner – If a player throws the ball outside the goal line within the line of 25 yards, the offensive player gets a corner. In the corner, the ball is hit by placing it on the corner joining the side line and the goal.
  4. Penalty Corner – If the player deliberately violates the rule within 25 yards, then the opposition party can be awarded a penalty corner. In this, a player can stroke from a distance of 7 yards from the front of the goal line. Which only the goalkeeper can try to stop.

Important rules of hockey

  • In hockey, stopping the ball by hand is considered a foul.
  • The goalkeeper can use pads, shorts, gloves and masks.
  • Rolling, throwing, tossing the ball without a hockey stick is prohibited in this game.
  • If the ball gets stuck in the goalkeeper’s pad or any player’s clothing, the game is restarted by a bully from that spot. Bully cannot be within 5 yards from the goal line.
  • If a player plays aggressively, the referee first warns such player and if he continues to violate the rules even after that, he is expelled from the game for some time or for the whole time.

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