sports in education

Sports are an integral part of life. Due to which the body is helpful in physical development as well as mental development of man. Through sports, students can develop their various important skills. There are countless qualities that students can develop through sports such as thinking, creativity, teamwork and a lot of good habits etc.

The aim of education is the complete development of man. Human has many aspects and education develops all these aspects. Due to the importance of sports in education, education in schools is made compulsory today. Through sports, students can achieve physical, intellectual and spiritual development. Adopting sports in life can lead to a happy and stress-free life. And sports are essential for a healthy life. The game brings energy and agility in the human being, who makes laziness run away from the human being and he / she does his / her day’s work happily. Teaches discipline, discipline brings joy to life. Playing games also helps in brainstorming. Sports are necessary to maintain balance in life.

Benefits of sports in life:

Healthy body

Regular diet for physical strength. Exercise and sports are mandatory. It is absolutely necessary to have physical strength in a human because a healthy mind resides only in a healthy body. A patient and a weak person is a burden to the country, society and even to ourselves. To make the brain healthy, it is necessary for the body to be healthy. Sports are very important in making the body healthy. The body remains agile, dynamic and spontaneous with sports. It is an important means of keeping the body strong, well-formed and radiant.

Personality building

Parents start paying attention to their children’s education right from childhood. The child who participates in sports, he / she is also interested in studies. Twenty four hours does not lead to complete development of the body due to the formation of a book worm. Some disease catches the child. His personality also becomes weak. When such a person is unable to protect himself, then what will protect the country? But a student who participates in sports along with education is strong both in terms of body and intellect. In fact, today there is a need for education through which personality is built, brain power increases, intelligence develops and man becomes self-sufficient.

Sports enhance human intellectual development.

Today, the importance of sports in Western countries has increased considerably. Much attention is being paid in this direction in the schools and colleges there. Today, in kindergarten and Montessori education system, the child is taught in sports and games. Regular participation in sports makes the body strong. There is agility, freshness and elation in the body. This brings stability and concentration in the intellect as well. Not afraid of sufferings, obstacles, gets ready to take part in the life journey. Sports not only develop the body, mind and brain, but also bring a balance in life. Therefore, inclusion of sports is very important.

Human creation

It has been said truth that not only a player in the playground but a human being is made. A good citizen develops. The true player neither boast over victory nor despair over defeat. Rather he tries again to achieve victory. Children develop self-confidence by participating in sports. His heart is generous and large.

Devoid of discipline and discrimination

The players participating in the Games may be from different provinces and different languages. But in the playground they forget everything whether they are from Punjab or Rajasthani. While playing, he does not have any discrimination in the name of ethnicity, provinciality, religion and language. At that time, they are only players. Sportsmanship evokes a feeling of human love among sportspersons even beyond country-love. Sportsmen have only one religion in the playground. This is where the spirit of the game makes him a good citizen, there on the other hand it creates a feeling of mutual cooperation, organization, discipline and tolerance. Youth who participate in sports are successful in entering any business later.


Entertainment has special significance in human life. There can be no better means of entertainment than sports. Be it cricket or hockey or football thousands of people come to see. The observers watch the game with the same rigor as the player plays. Keeping in mind the usefulness of sports, our government has made a lot of efforts in this direction. Separate directorates have been established for sports. Scholarships are given to good players and. They are given special priority in higher education. Therefore, the government is laying emphasis on proper development of sports.

Balanced experiment

There are also some students who turn away from studies due to greater participation in sports. Their education remains incomplete, due to which they do not develop properly. Therefore, studies and sports should be run simultaneously. Many times sports generate bad feelings and there are two classes which are disturbed but the spirit of the game never teaches us like this.

Connection with nature

Sports, while keeping children away from things like TV, mobile, internet, gives them a chance to know and understand nature.


Sports play an important role in nation building. Playing the game keeps all the people of the nation healthy and young. Sports also play an important role in the progress of the nation, keeping laziness away from human life. And also plays its role in development. Therefore, sports should be given more importance in education. Because when most of the young students of the country will live a happy life while remaining stress-free, then they will be able to contribute well towards the nation as well. The life of sports students is full of happiness. Sports also teach them to fight different situations in life. Sports provides entertainment as well as fitness in life.

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