Most of us tend to have a game of bingo played in particular the elderly, but current versions of the game can also in many schools and even kindergartens are available. The difference is that, while the version of bingo played by seniors generally enjoy as a leisure activity, the version in schools and kindergartens, played as a learning game is played, and is ideal for teaching the alphabet, phonemes, and reading in general.

There are a number of different versions of bingo, which can be reproduced in the introductory reading classes, including:

 A. Letter bingo – The simplest version of the game, a point that students are quickly printed bingo cards with letters. The teacher acts as a playmaker, and said either letter names or sets the tone of the letter, and the student must find the appropriate box on their bingo cards.

   Second Sight Word Bingo – This is perhaps the version most suitable for young children bingo. Teachers have lists of them, such as the list -. In this case are the bingo cards with words, words most frequencies (are common words that children must learn to recognize, because it will not be printed easily imagine the Dolch Sight Words) In Sight Word Bingo, teacher reads aloud a word, students will find this word in your bingo card.

   Third Phonological Awareness Bingo – Bingo This version can be difficult for young children, but it is a logical step for the word bingo. In this case, we again use the bingo cards with letters, but the teacher reads the words, and the task of the student to recognize the sound of the first letter and find the corresponding letter in the square on their bingo cards.

   Of course, all these versions of bingo is fun and educational. However, in order to play, you have a number of cards the specific items that you include in the lessons. You can pre-printed educational bingo cards, but this can be expensive if done regularly and, in any event, the cards contain not find the exact items that the teacher wants for a particular lesson. Another way to obtain an appropriate set of bingo cards to print easily with a PC and software developers the bingo card – not only economic, but can be surprisingly quick and easy.

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