In High Stakes Poker and other television programs, you can often choose players who start in an all-in twice. What do you mean by “Run it Twice” and why it’s good for the players? In this type of poker and what levels you can use the “run twice” use option?

   An important aspect of managing a stock is twice as great for poker players, due to the reduction in the risk of losing all your all-in. Rinse your opponent can hit once, the chance to hit two times lower. While this is not always the desired effect (as it can be removed from the table or repurchase force and in this case, the probability of losing the entire pot and lower), it may help reduce your risk. The meaning of “Run it Twice” strategy increases when the pot is so large that it may lose its influence fund management by two players.

   You can use the “Run it Twice” strategy if both players (or call was all in and the others) are all-in. Run it Twice option can decide before the flop, on the flop or the turn.

   Of course, players can only twice, if both parties agree to execute. If more than two players are involved, they must agree to all players. Sometimes players are still running 3 to 4 times more likely to give the distribution of the pot as a “must”, is based on luck.

   Start a second time only for cash games. It’s a very logical explanation. A tournament must be a winner and all-ins to decide who stays in the tournament and left. Allowed in a tournament, it is not possible, the risk for all-ins by reducing twice (prohibited conduct twice), and there are much (perhaps to the last few tournaments players for years an agreement on how to divide the money).

   Nor is it possible in many poker rooms and even if the option is available, at the option of the blinds $ 1 / $ 2 5c/10c in a table, you can choose not to run twice.

   I hope you have any idea why it is useful in some situations, a manual of two or even several times.

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