Hit or Draw

Blackjack players have several options available to them once you receive your first two cards. First, you can “draw” or “success”. What this means is that if, after receiving first two cards, players do not like the set, you can buy additional maps, the application of “hits” or “drawing” to try to improve on that total. For this, the player to scratch the surface of the felt of the table with their cards. A request to scratch. If the game is played with two exposed cards, the player to live up to its index in the same movement in them. Or, they can show their cards if they have a “hit” like. Players are not compatible with the cards when they are open, but they have some distribution sites.


If a player is generally satisfied with your card and do not want additional cards, you may decide to “keep” putting your cards face down under his challenge. If the cards are dealt face down, you just shake your hand, palm down, side to side to show his letters that he is “permanent” or stay with their numbers.

Double Down

After the cards are dealt, a player may choose to “double”. In other words, the player can double your original bet. In this case, you take another card to your hand and additional cards can be added upon receipt of this letter. For the double, the player must give his face and put the cards in front of your bet. It then adds an amount equal to its original use and make these chips next to the bet, so it is now two side by side in Paris are the same. The dealer deals one additional card to the player face down, often slide the card into the player’s bet. The player can see from this chart, if desired.

A split pair

If a player receives two cards with the same value as two, three, two 7 and so on, the player can be divided into two separate hands, if you want to do. By the way, and the combination of two figures 10 and a cylinder or a queen and a king are also considered a pair of tens. For a couple of player’s cards on the ground, and separates the space divided before his bet. Then you must add an amount equal to the new additional hand as a bet. Each of these hands are separated, played with the usual signs of hitting or standing. You can win a hand and lose the other. If the first card of equal value cards by doubling original being treated can be divided and this card in a third hand, with the exception of the bass. If a player says the aces, there is only one card in each hand and can no longer be entitled to shoot, no matter what the card is drawn.

After separation of double

The player may double his bet on one or all hands, a division according to the rules of the respective casinos. In other words, if a couple are divided by 8, and 3 is drawn with the first 8 to 11, the player may double his bet in 11 can invest an amount equal to your original bet next to 11, and receive only one additional card. If a 2 to 8 seconds is drawn, the player’s hand and doubled.

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