Pokemon GO is one of the most popular mobile games around. But it also has a lot of depth that many players may not realize. From the nuances of battling to hatching and evolving Pokemon, there are many things that trainers should know before diving into the GO Battle League.

Keep Track of Your Pokemon

As a Pokemon trainer, you’ll need to keep track of what you’ve caught and which ones are still available. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with duplicates, especially since many Pokemon can evolve into new forms that open up as the game expands. You can also power-up Pokemon, but this should be done only when their XP levels are high and it’s best to save this for those you want to keep around.

You can sort through the Pokemon in your bag by tapping on the 3×3 grid icon in the lower right corner of the screen. This will bring up a list of your current Pokemon, with those closest to you in the top left and those farthest away in the bottom right. The list will automatically update itself as you move, pushing Pokemon closer to you higher up in the grid and those further away down.

Another great way to keep track of your Pokemon is by putting them on your favorites. This will highlight them at a glance and make it easier for you to see which ones you need to catch next. This will also help you avoid wasting Pokeballs on Pokemon that can’t evolve, as this feature makes it clear which ones are worth pursuing. It’s also a good idea to invest in some external batteries for your phone, since Pokemon Go can drain your battery quickly.

Go to New Places to Gather Pokemon

Pokemon Go is one of the most popular mobile games on the market and it’s been around for five years. However, many trainers may not know all the nuances of catching and battling Pokemon or how to make the most out of their journey.

There are a few things that all Pokemon Go players should keep in mind when playing the game. For starters, it’s a good idea to stock up on Poke Balls and Great Balls at Poke Stops to improve your chances of capturing wild Pokemon. Additionally, it’s worth noting that the Pokemon that you capture will evolve over time and that evolution can sometimes open up new abilities for the creature.

The environment in which a Pokemon is found can also impact its chances of being caught; for example water Pokemon are more likely to be found near bodies of water and grass-type Pokemon are more common at parks. Additionally, it’s important to note that trainers can earn extra XP by spinning a Poke Stop’s Lucky Egg, which doubles XP earned for 30 minutes. This is a good way to level up quickly, especially when visiting busy areas such as town centers.

Finally, Pokemon Go players should always remember to be respectful of their surroundings when searching for Pokemon; never trespass on private property and avoid entering any dangerous or illegal areas.

Take a Break from the Game

While Pokemon Go is one of the most popular mobile games around, it can be hard to know when to quit playing. There are some tips that can help you keep Pokemon Go from becoming an addiction, even if you’re already a pro trainer.

First, it’s important to remember that the game is designed to get people moving. It does this by spreading different kinds of Pokemon around loosely based on your location, so you’ll see grass and normal-types when you’re in town, while water-based and psychic Pokemon will appear near bodies of water and at night. In addition, the game rewards you with special items for catching and fighting gym leaders and other players, which increases your trainer level and unlocks new content.

Another tip is to always consider the full moveset of a Pokemon before deciding whether or not it’s worth powering up. The higher a Pokemon’s CP, the more likely it is to do well in battle. However, you should also take into account the type of moves the Pokemon has and their overall power level. A Staryu may have lower CP than other Pokemon, but it will likely have more powerful attacks like Psybeam and Water Gun.

Finally, don’t forget that the Pokemon Go can drain your battery. There are several guides out there that can help you preserve your battery life while still playing the game.

Don’t Get Too Bored

Many Pokemon Go players are prone to getting bored with the game, especially after a while. But this is a problem that can easily be solved by taking a break from the game or doing something else fun. For example, instead of sitting down at a bar or coffee shop and dropping lures all day long, why not go outside to do other things that require physical movement like hiking or walking? These activities will also help you increase your trainer level, which will open up new content in the game.

Another way to avoid getting bored with Pokemon GO is to try out different battle moves on your team. There are plenty of guides out there that outline the best moves for each Pokemon, so be sure to check them out if you want to give your team some variety.

Also, keep in mind that each battle in Pokemon GO is different, so it’s important to pay attention to your opponent’s moves and playstyle. Each league tends to have a meta that certain creatures dominate, so you’ll want to make sure your team is able to compete with that.

Finally, don’t forget to save your Stardust for the Pokemon you care about most and whose moves you enjoy playing. Evolving your Pokemon is a better use of that candy, and you’ll be able to catch more of them by not powering up the ones you don’t care about.

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