Want to know attract the best poker hands? With these hands, you will be able to make it much easier to win if you play some of the worst hands.

The best poker hands win

AA – Pocket Aces win in the hands of Paris. You have the best hand you can get. The couples are great as tops – literally – and you often insurmountable clean with a full or travel.

KK – The boys come second. They are winning even one of the best poker hands. They are like any couple, but in the top of the scale. Just a little careful if you are on the board.

AK – This hand is very good and offers a variety of high-handed. Absolutely brilliant may have to practically all other hands at your fingertips. Play hard, but it really is not all the way back.

QQ – A good pair. Maybe it’s just the girls, but I have a weakness for that hand. This is probably my memory as a complete table beaten with a four of a kind queens.

AQ – It’s good for your hands. If you are right, you can choose the best color. It’s great when a man has another poor King and goes for it, but you did, lol.

KQ – Is the royal couple and they are there to cause trouble. They are getting a good hand and that can hurt them. Again, be careful if you feel. Naturally are more suitable

JJ – couple is still pretty big right hands, and often can save a nice perk. Travel made clean pair of aces are kings, queens, and the combination of two pairs. But there is more to these cards if they have not soiled their third musketeer.

AJ – Now we are deeper, but this hand is always good. If they are capable of being better. Not surprisingly, a king and a queen on the flop and attracting direct confrontation. While everyone focuses on travel peers and go to the right.

TT – the only non-color cards that are good enough. A good pair but you have to put your radar alert and responsive. Do not go to showdown without some trips, whether they are balls. Note that even if you do not have any color on the edge of someone a pair of kings, queens, etc.

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