The first step for a player who not only do not build your poker ego, arrogance and luck foundation or a player who never leaves a couple of years to keep standards against the best players certainly the first step to a good player too is see that there is always room for improvement. Poker is a game of introspection as a game of skill, luck or adversaries “read”. You must first decide if the winding road of relentless perfectionist (that never reached their destination) to be held in the first. So you want to learn to be honest with yourself and identify your strengths and weaknesses.

In amateur and bad play by a fixed set of simple rules, there are players who really have to find a talent, but do not try too much to improve in all directions. These players are lazy and unimaginative and do not expect to beat their opponents finally cold all the time. With one or two good plays

A good player never neglected their weaknesses. The person is generally good in all aspects of a complex, but depend on one or two skills above, is dangerous and is likely to ruin your long term. Once opponents have highlighted what he does best, and that’s all you can do, that are easy to maneuver around his good hand. And if they are good players, they are always lead the maneuver, though much they have, so to speak, means that land a form of the nose in the direction that I hope will never come. Because their skills are rounded better than yours, can afford to feel pretty confident in both his right and left.

Just as there is a boxer with one hand, you have to hone your skills by all, even the weakest. And you can not move forward on improving your weaknesses if you do not recognize. This is a difficult task, but you will not improve without resolving it.

The difficulty of this task in two basic concepts you need to understand that the game is not really worth playing if your goal is to win, and you do not need the burden of forming a habit of lugging the discipline, which is not I do. This will not work if you do not understand why they have to learn to form the habit. They play the game and follow blindly a routine that is incomprehensible to not lead to an intervention or success.

What you need to do is figure out what you can, what it would be like to be an actor fully competent, imagine the tip d’inspiration that leads to success and hard-won success, and decide for yourself, and if you like it or not . If you do not imagine that the overwhelming victory and the details of the struggle to be honest with yourself and admit that you have no real idea of ??how to succeed in the field. But if it makes you think passionate, start working hard and you’ll definitely see results, and effort on things that do not work (maybe you are an introvert technician who could benefit from improved communication skills and abilities face reading, value, etc.) guaranteed.

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