If you want to find gamer friends, there are a few apps that can help you. These include Discord, Guilded, and Plink. Each app has different features, but they all connect gamers from around the world.

To make the most of these apps, it is important to remember users that you enjoyed playing with. This will allow you to reach out when they are online again.


GameTree is a new friend-making app that helps gamers find each other. The app matches players based on their personalities and interests. It also allows them to set up gaming sessions with their friends. Players can choose whether or not to message their match, and can use filters like age and distance. The app is free to download, and offers many features that other games do not.

Unlike other LFG apps, GameTree uses psychological matchmaking to determine how well your personality meshes with another’s. After taking a values quiz, you can see who your best friends will be, and the app will suggest potential teammates. It can also help you find local friends to play your favorite game with, or even find people who play tabletop games and role-playing games.

It is possible to chat with your GameTree match in a built-in voice call. The app will automatically clone the session in your Chats for easy access. The app’s chat feature also lets you stay connected to your friends even when the game is over.

The app’s built-in messaging system is useful for coordinating gaming events and parties. It can also be used for casual conversations, or to swap pro tips and gaming memes. Users can stay in touch with their friends even after the game is over, and the app syncs with Facebook and Steam turning it into a gaming-focused social network.


E-Pal is a social platform that allows gamers to find teammates on demand. It also allows gamers to chat with each other and share their gaming interests. It is a great way to meet new people and get to know them. In addition, it can help you level up your game skills and make more friends. It can even help you find a real-life partner.

You can use a variety of methods to search for teammate on E-pal, including the search by game or individual. You can also search by gamer tag or name, as well as location. Once you find a person, you can message them and ask if they are interested in playing with you. You can also sign up for a subscription that lets you play with friends on demand.

This service has become increasingly popular, as it allows gamers to make genuine connections and avoid toxic gaming experiences. Gamers can also monetize their games and services to earn a living from the platform. The community consists of both ePals and Gamers, who are screened and reviewed by the site.

The ePal community aims to create a safe, supportive environment that challenges the toxic stereotypes of online gaming. This community also provides a variety of free and paid gaming services to gamers of all ages and backgrounds, from beginners to advanced players.


Whether you’re looking for an online gaming community or a way to connect with friends, Guilded has it all. It’s free to use and includes features such as text, voice, and video chat, customizable roles, and channels. It also supports eSports and allows players to search for communities by game and platform. It’s also constantly upgrading itself, with new features being rolled out at an electrifying rate.

Guilded’s most unique feature is Flow Bots, which are automated automation tools that run on triggers and don’t require any programming knowledge to set up. You can use them to welcome new users, create announcements, assign roles in a channel, share Twitch streams, and more. These are great for building community, especially in eSports.

In addition to Flow Bots, Guilded includes chat and streaming features that make it the best place for gamers to meet and communicate. Its chat features include a unified inbox, pinned messages, and multiple-channel support. Guilded also offers group streaming and high-quality audio/video streaming, as well as a mobile app for iOS and Android.

Guilded is a competitor to Discord, which is used by many gamer-centric teams and communities. Although Discord has a lot of functionality, Guilded is arguably better in terms of its focus on gamers and the way it organizes communities. It is a good choice for gamers who want more than just a text chat and can’t afford Discord’s subscription costs.


There are a number of ways to meet other gamers. You can try joining a gaming community or using one of the many apps that are designed specifically to connect gamers. Some of these include Wegamers, Plink, and Gamerlink. These apps analyze your accounts from different gaming platforms to find other players who share your interests and skills. They also show your statistics in various games, including Destiny 2.

Unlike other gaming matchmaking apps, Plink lets you input your game preferences and then matches you with gamers that match your gaming style. This means you won’t have to swipe through hundreds of profiles and hope to find a suitable match. Once matched, you can communicate with other gamers through high-quality voice chats and private messages.

The app also allows you to specify your age and gamer IQ so that you can be matched with gamers of a similar skill level. However, you should be aware that this feature can also be used to find minors. This is a big red flag for us and we recommend you use the app with caution and discuss safety tips with your children.

Plink is a great way to meet fellow gamers and play with them online. The app also helps you find board gamers in your area. You can join a gaming group on Facebook or attend board game events at libraries and board game cafes.

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