Many women have a strong attraction for the bad against the good. They will tell you, it is because the villains are more exciting and bonds are too boring for you. Now might be a factor, but I think it goes a little further. I think what makes this fact, what I call the “casino effect” call.

   For. The impact of casino I explained describe two different situations that most of us have experienced in our lives, I will then show how these two cases are the bad / good guy in the closed state. This will give you a good understanding of what is the effect and Casino consider both the evil and the good guys.

   The first situation is the food served in a restaurant is a restaurant that I have ever had and. People back to restaurants they know. If someone has a good experience somewhere above the prediction results should be the same. Most of the time (eg 10 9) meets this need. The service is fast and friendly, the food is hot and delicious, and the atmosphere is fantastic. Then, in the 10th something goes wrong. The food is bad, the service is a disaster, or it is a child crying in the cabin next door. Something happens to the unpleasant experience.

   The problem is that it was an unpleasant experience unexpected is what we focus on. Our minds are designed to focus on things that do not focus our expectations. This is an important condition for our species to survive. This allowed us to deal with new situations as they develop.

   The next time you turn on the idea of ??writing this particular restaurant, the person will automatically remember the bad times they had and remember all the good times. You can go back, but his work is on every little thing that goes wrong, and it will focus on reducing the experience. Next time, when you talk about the place of the person most likely to get them to express their dissatisfaction. We can say that the place to be good, but now it’s bad or how terrible was the last time they were there. For this change in approach over time prevent you from place to enjoy them all. The end result is that it will stop.

   The second situation is the game in a casino. I come from a long line of players in my family, so I have experience with it. Everyone knows when a casino the odds are against you. You can tell they expect to win, but the truth is that they know the risks. Most of the time (again, we use 9 of 10) people have lost money in a casino. Then, for the tenth time to win big.

   The few times people go to a casino and winning back the time, because it is beyond their expectations. The key concept is that the effect of casino everything that is not within our expectations for our target increases. People always exaggerate the time they won. I never heard people on the time they have lost only once to speak, they won.

   So, once again, the basic idea of ??the casino action is something that is beyond our expectations, good or bad, to be our focus and zoom is. In the case of the restaurant for a few bad experiences and if the casino had some significant victories. Let the wicked against the situation right guy to consider.

   I’ll start with the good guys. When a woman a nice guy for the most part, do everything well. It opens doors, flowers, listen, buy, and many other things. Women want these good people, this is what they do.

   The question here is, ultimately ruining the good guys (everyone at some point).

   When the man made a mistake, is that the errors do not match the expectations of women. This is the same method as in the example of the restaurant. They will focus on the error and expand to the point that everything I think is. She begins to question not only the actions of the nice guy, but the relationship. This creates a vicious cycle that usually ends the relationship.

   Now looking upon the wicked. When a woman of bad guys who know what they are getting to know into.They be treated poorly, tend. Do not expect all the wonderful things that get a good guy.

   The key is that every wicked sometimes something good. A nasty blow flowers or take somewhere nice. This follows the same procedure as in the casino example. Most of the time, when a woman. A leaking naughty, but sometimes it is a great victory In addition, because these are good things about their expectations and focus on their development.

   So the reason, women prefer the bad against the good has nothing to do with what kids do. It has to do with women’s expectations of them. Prepare expectations that promote good against evil.

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