In today’s time, every person’s dream is that they can earn money online and in today’s time it is very difficult to earn money, but you can earn a lot of money with small and easy tasks. If you like playing games, then you are going to tell about Paisa Kamane Wala Game, which can make you a lot of money by playing games at home, it is a very easy way to earn money so that you can earn money sitting at home very easily. is.

There are many games that give you money and gifts, so that you can earn good while playing the game, it is very easy to earn money from this, you only have to play games every day, the more games you will play in your account. More money will be added.

Telling you the names of some games that you can earn very well by playing, it is very easy to earn money from this and you can earn money through them very easily, for this you just have to download the game by playing these games Will be

Bulb Smash

Earn money game online In this, you have to play online game and many people have earned a lot of money in it, these are very easy game, in this you have to play a little bit of mind, in this you only have to shoot bulb and the more you will bulb the more. The score will increase and slowly your money will also be accumulated.

When you are 50-60 rupees, then you can withdraw it in your PayTm account, for this you must have a paytm or you can also transfer money to your friends’ paytm.

Whaff Reward

More than 1 carore people have downloaded this game. As soon as you download this Paisa Kamane Wala Game, then you have to login with Facebook etc. and later you will have to enter any one invite code, as soon as you enter the invitation code, you get 40 rupees immediately game khel kar This is a very good way of paise kamane.


If you are interested in playing pubg game and you play more pubg then this app is very good for you, in this you can earn money by playing pubg, many people are earning money by playing pubg through this app, in this entry fee 40- You have to pay up to 50 rupees, after that you can join context in it and in this you get the money for chicken dinner, per kill etc.

The better pubg you play, the better you can earn money through this app, the money won in it you can also windrow in your paytm.

Loco Game

These are also a very good way to earn money by playing the game, in which you have to answer the questions asked, as soon as you answer correctly, you get its money, the more you answer, the more money you will get for this game. You can also download from google play store, in this you are given 10 second time to answer and in this you can earn from 50,000 to 1,50,000 rupees.

Dream 11

This is a Sports Fantasy League application, in this you get options for Cricket, Basketball, Kabaddi, Football etc. In this, you have to form your own team and after that you can play this game.

To play this game, you have to invest money in it, only then you can take part in its tournament, when you deposit the money then you can start playing in it.

If your team wins in this, then you can earn very good money out of it and in this you can earn up to millions of rupees.

This app is not available on the play store, so you can download this app through its official website, it is also a great application to earn money.


This is also a very good app, you can earn a lot of money by this, although this application is not available on the play store, because of this, if you want to download this application, then you have to download it from its official website.

To download this app, you have to provide your mobile number in its official website, after that you will get a sms from MPL, in that you will get a download link, by clicking on it you can download this app.

To play this game it is necessary to have token or cash in your account, when you sing up in it, you are given a bonus of 400 tokens, 30 rupees, so that you can start playing this game and after that you can You can invest money at will.

Now in the new update of MPL, pubg and free fire have also been added. If you like to play pubg or free fire, then you can play that too, for that you are given a room card in it, join it and earn money by playing it. Can.

Paytm First Game Pro

If you want to earn money by playing games, then Paytm First Game Pro is also a very good app for this, from which you can earn a lot of money, it is a pro app and it is not available on the playstore right now so you can use it on its website Can download through

Because it is a product of Paytm and you know Paytm how popular and reliable it is.

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